Panama Crocodile Tank

Panama Crocodile Tank

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Panama Crocodile Tank

Panama Crocodile Tank is situated in Arugam Bay. It is also known as the famous crocodile point. If you are riding to Panama Crocodile Tank from Arugam Bay, it will be a short trip.

About the destination

Panama Crocodile Tank is situated in the Eastern Province. It is not the regular tanks you see in other places. You may even call this one more deadly than others as you will understand by its name. This place is home to one of the most dangerous predators on earth, the epic crocodile. You will be able to see a dozen crocodiles in this area so be sure to keep a safe distance.

History of Panama Crocodile Tank

Back in 2016 Sri Lankans found a massive crocodile stuck in a canal. Somehow it was discovered that this crocodile is one of the largest crocodiles recorded in the world. The Panama Crocodile Tank might be just the place for you to get some thrilling experience watching at these huge crocodiles.

Reaching the destination

From Colombo

Go on McCallum Road and turn right onto Kynsey Road. Then turn right onto Athurugiriya Road. Turn right onto Southern Expressway and take the exit from the Beliatta interchange.

Turn right onto Wellawaya By-Pass and turn right onto Panama-Kumbukkana Road. Then turn right to reach your destination.

From Arugam Bay

Turn left onto Manal Road and turn right onto Panama Road. Turn right onto Panama-Kumbukkana Road and turn right to reach your destination.

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