Rankoth Vehera

Posted on May 13, 2019
Rankoth Vehera

Rankoth Vehera golden pinnacle is one of the oldest and biggest stupas in Sri Lankan heritage. The Rankoth Vehera or Stupa is the fourth largest next to Ruwanvelimaha Seya, Jetawanaramaya, Abhayagiriya and among other thousands of stupas in Sri Lanka.

The stupas were built by King NissankaMalla (1187-1196) and were initially named as the Ruwanmali Maha Chaithya (Stupa) as an attempt to recreate the Ruwanveli stupa of the Anuradhapura era. The legends state that the king has been supervising the work/construction of the stupa from his palace. The best time to visit the Stupa is during the sunrise, with the ambiance it creates in the sky by coloring the atmosphere in the shades of red and bright yellow with the hint of blue, with the site of the brown bricked stupas, would take you back to the ancient days of the kings of Polonnaruwa.

The entrance of the stupa is through sand paved walking path. As you walk through this path the stupa with the bright blue sky is pleasant scenery to the eye. However, due to poor restorations of this stupa, it is covered with green moss, now giving it a bright green shade. It is a nice place to worship Lord Buddha.

Featured image credits : Z thomas [CC BY-SA 4.0]

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