Rankoth Vehera

Rankoth Vehera

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The Rankoth vehara

The Rankot Vehera is situated in Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka. This is recognized as the largest vehera in Polonnaruwa and the fourth largest on the island. It was built by King Nissankamalla of Polonnaruwa who ruled from 1187 to 1196. It also bears a close resemblance to Ruwanweliseya.

About the destination

The design of Rankot Vehera is similar to the dagobas of the Anuradhapura times. There is a stone inscription which states that the Rankot Vehera was named as “Ruwanweliseya” at that time. The name the Rankot Vehera stands for is “Ran” which means gold in Sinhala, “Kotha” which is the name given to the pinnacle of a stupa and vehera means temple.

Strtuctre of the Rankot Vehera

The Rankot Vehera is 55 meters in height which are 180 feet and have a base of the circumference of 168 meters which is 550 feet. The entire structure is made out of bricks and what is unique in it is that a limestone foundation had been laid in 10 feet.  It is believed that although it was completed by King Nissankamalla its initiative was taken by Rupawati who was a wife of King Parakramabahu.

Reaching the destination

From Colombo

Go on Colombo – Katunayake Expressway. Then take the Southern Expressway and drive to your destination in Polonnaruwa.

From Polonnaruwa

Head northwest on Maradankadawala-Habarana-Thirukkondaiadimadu Highway. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and slight right at 26th Mile Post onto Polonnaruwa-Hingurakgoda Road and drive to your destination in Polonnaruwa.