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If you're looking for a tropical climate and an unrivalled landscape, look no further than stunning Sri Lanka. Check Things you can do in Sri Lanka and best attractions in Sri Lanka
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Why Sri Lanka

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” for its picturesque wonders of the Sea surrounding Sri Lanka and sparkling as a tempting wonder in Asia. Sri Lanka has become a captivated tourist destination not just for its mesmerising tropical climate but also for impeccable mountains and rivers, impressive rain forests, spectacular historical places and the culture, not to mention the extraordinary Sri Lankan cuisines. Sri Lanka offers an unforgettable journey for all kinds of travellers within these iconic borders by giving them the chance to spend a leisurely vacation, ultimately extending your experience to an exciting adventure.

Sri Lanka

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Best Places to visit in Sri Lanka. Sandy Beaches, Misty Hills,

Explore the Commercial Capital and Largest City

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UNESCO-listed Kandy is Home to Sacred Landmarks & Mountains

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Most Beautiful Tourist Destination in Sri Lanka

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Hub for Best Beaches & Whale Watching

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Unpopular Beaches & Surfing Points

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Yes! It's time to explore Misty Mountains in Little England

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Best Place to Kite Surfing & Dolphin Watching

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The Most Perfectly Preserved Colonial Town

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Worrying about planning your trip to Sri Lanka?  Well, now you can have a cup of coffee and take a peek in Things to do Sri in Lanka website. Our website is the ultimate tourist directory in Sri Lanka which provides a detailed account regarding all the iconic attractions around Sri Lanka. Our nation welcomes you all to visit these attractive and awe-inspiring landscapes to write a new page in your travel life.  From Point Pedro to Dondra Head you can experience different climates, distinct places, varied eco-systems and distinguish a set of irresistible meals. This is all happening within these few kilometres. Things to do Sri Lanka is ideally linking all these aspects becoming a hub of information for any kind of traveller. Keeping up with the accommodation services and their budgets, responsible and qualified tour guide services and cheap but comfortable transportation is also required to complete a memorable tour. Things to do Sri Lanka makes it easier for anyone to find out all these details with a few clicks. It`s even more comfortable for viewers to get an idea of their journey as our website is assembled with relevant pictorial and other media. Again, Sri Lanka is the ideal spot to continue your travel journey packed with mind-blowing experiences and astonishing places and make your holiday more worthwhile. Dear travellers, Your adventure awaits!

Planning your Trip to Sri Lanka?

Discover Things You Can Do In Sri Lanka

There are many things to do in Sri Lanka. Thrilling mountain hikes, exciting surfing, enjoyable safari rides along with receiving the knowledge of the Sri Lankan history hence making Sri Lanka as an incredible tourist destination.

Wild Life

15+ National Parks

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Surf, Snorkel & Relax

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Heritage & Culture

1000+ Temples

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350+ Waterfalls

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1000+ Mountains

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Cycling & Hot Air Ballooning

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Best Things to do in Sri Lanka

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