Dunhinda Falls

Dunhinda Falls

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Dunhinda Falls

Though there are many waterfalls in Sri Lanka names ‘Dunhinda Falls’ in Sri Lanka, this is the most famous and the most beautiful one. This beauty resides in the Badulla district in Sri Lanka. It is 63 meters in height and is a little heaven on earth. The waterfall is considered as one of the most beautiful waterfalls that are situated in Sri Lanka.

About the destination

Dunhinda Falls is a very majestic looking waterfall, situated about 5 km from Badulla. Due to its smoky water drops spray, it is also named the “Bridal Fall” and another reason to get this name is that that the shape of the waterfall is like a bridal veil.  In the Sinhala language, “Dun” stands for smoke and “hinda” stands for evaporating. This is a very powerful cascade that falls to a pristine natural pool that is situated below. It is not recommended to bathe in this waterfall as it can be extremely dangerous.

There is also old folklore around Dunhinda Falls. It is said that this area was once home to the Veddha people. Once, a giant fern has got stuck at the top of this waterfall, blocking the water among two mountains and it has caused flooding in the current Badulla town area. King Rajasinha, who was the ruler at the time entrusted the task of clearing the blockage to a person named ‘Ranhavadidaraya’. He has struggled for 3 months and finally managed to clear the blockage. The giant fern has swept downwards but has got stuck again at a place further downstream where they call ‘Pussellawa’ now. ‘Pus’ means ‘fern’ and this may be the reason how ‘Pussellawa’ area got that name.

Dunhinda falls is in her full flow in the rainy season, which is generally June to July. From the entrance, you need to walk about 1km to reach the fall. Earlier, this was a strenuous path, but now this has become a tourist attraction, the pathway is well-maintained. They issue a ticket at the entrance and the cost for a child is Rs. 100/= and it is Rs. 200/= for an adult. Dunhinda falls is the first fall in Sri Lanka, in which a fee was to be paid to view the waterfall.

How to reach your destination

From Colombo

The easiest way from Colombo is to take the Southern Expressway. After exiting, take Wellawaya-Ella-Kumbalwela Highway, and then take  Bandarawela – Badulla Road.  The entrance to the fall is approximately 5km away from Badulla Town.

An alternative route is taking the Colombo – Ratnapura – Wellawaya – Batticaloa Rd (A4).

Once you reach Wellawaya town, take a left and take Wellawaya – Kumbalwela highway. Follow the directions above from this point onwards.

From Badulla

You have to head southwest toward Keppetipola Road. Turn left at Higher Studies onto Keppetipola Road. Turn left at Private Transfers in Ella with driver onto Bandarawela Road. Turn left at People’s Bank onto Mahiyangana Road. Turn right at Aelco(Pvt) Ltd onto Madapathana Road. Keep left and sharp right at Dunhinda Road.


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