Kirinda Temple

Kirinda Temple

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Kirinda Temple is famous for its legendary story of Queen Viharamaha Devi. The dageba was constructed by the King Kavantissa, as a thank offering to the gods or the safe journey of the princess. Queen Viharamaha Devi and King Kavantissa, later bore two children, who then later became the great warrior kings of Sri Lanka. Many years later, during the Tsunami in 2004, the temple of Kirinda stood to be a refugee place for the Tsunami victims. The temple also gives beautiful ancient paintings dates back to 1000 years.

Many visitors of many faiths visit the Kirinda Temple for its picturesque natural beauty and its significances in Sri Lankan culture and history. As the temple is located on top of a small rock, once you climb up the rock with the cold sea breeze breezing through your body, you would be able to see a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean. It is recommended to visit the temple premises during the morning hours or the evening hours. However, the best hours to visits the temple premises in during the sunset, where the sun rays are not too harsh, the sky is filled with colors, and the intense cold winds from the sea would keep you refreshed.