Manawela Falls

Manawela Falls

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About Manawela Falls:

The Manawela Falls is also referred by the name Mana Ella Falls by the locals. Flowing from the height of 23 meters, it is located in Badulla, Uva province of Sri Lanka. Manawela Falls is surrounded by lush tea plantations. Its beauty is multiplied during the rainy season with large volume of water, where the waterfall’s upper reach is made up of seven stone basins, and water flows over these and in turn onto and over the Welimada Plateau to the end of the Uma River valley, creating the twin fall. The magnificent beauty of the waterfall is said to resemble a peacock’s feathers.

According to evidences, it is believed Manawela Falls has historical importance to Sri Lanka. People say that Manawela Falls was a bathing place of King Rawana. There is an underground tunnel at a close proximity, and it is believed it is opened to his harem known as Isthree Pura. Folklores relating to King Walagamba are also connected to this waterfall. There is a granite seat that can be seen on the rock slab even today, and there are stories saying that the virgins of this king bathed as he sat contentedly and watched. Some others say the king was hiding in one of these caves for his protection. Nevertheless, most probable is that it is said that a regional king called Manabharana ruled from this area. This waterfall has been their bathing place and a palace has been built at the top of the falls. There have been evidences of a crown and a chain that were recently found but believed to be belonging to very ancient times.

How to reach the Destination:

The waterfall is situated on the Welimada – Uda Pussellawa – Loonuwatta road, and a 1/2 km away from Loonuwatta on Bokotutenna road. To reach the base of the fall, you need to walk through a slippery turpentine patch.


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