Mapanana Falls (Mapalana Ella)

Mapanana Falls (Mapalana Ella)

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About Mapanana Falls:

The Mapanana Falls, which is located in Gilimale, Ratnapura, is the tallest waterfall in Ratnapura district with a height of about 141 meters. This waterfall originates from Samanala Mountain range, cascades into three segments, and finally reaches Kalu Ganga River. Definitely this is a huge waterfall that never fails to give heart-filled excitement to its observers. During the rainy season, the simultaneous flows can be even heard at a distance up to 6 km. Mapanana Falls is surrounded by valuable thick medicinal herb plants. It is said, there was a local nobleman with the name ‘Mapa’ who used to bath at this waterfall almost every day and several times a day. And, villagers started calling this location as ‘Mapa-Nana’ (the place where Mapa has his bath). Gradually, the waterfall became popular with his name as Mapanana Falls and also called as Mapalana Falls. This waterfall continues to flow throughout the year, and there are also times when its goes totally dried at extreme drought conditions. It is said, the villagers hold ceremonies in the middle of the dry fall by hanging lighted lanterns and palm leaves, praying to the God Saman to provide rain and flourish the waterfall.

How to reach the Destination:

From Belihuloya, you should travel along the Colombo – Batticaloa Highway passing Aluthnuwara, Balangoda and Opanayake up to Lellopitiya. Then travel along the Ratnapura – Wewelwatte Road up to Ratnapura. The Mapanana Falls is located 22 km from Ratnapura, at a point known as Kondagala. The traveler should take the road from Ratnapura via Gillmale for 8 km to Asoka Karniya. It is another 20 km along the bank of the Kaluganga River to a road that leads up to the colonies, where the fall can be found.


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Mapalana Ella Falls – Attractions in Sri lanka
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