The Royal Palace Polonnaruwa

The Royal Palace Polonnaruwa

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The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace also known as the Vijayotpaya is situated in Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka. It is the seven-storied The Royal Palace which was built by King Parakramabahu the Great in Polonnaruwa. It is believed that this might have been like a skyscraper.

About the destination

The Royal Palace was believed to have been built in the late 1100s. As you enter you can see three levels of bricks and you will see holes in them. It is stated that these must have been used for wooden beams that are now decayed and gone. These wooden beams must have supported to hold the wooden floors in place. This might have been built for seven stories which makes it the first skyscraper beating the 7-story equitable life building in New York which was built in 1870.

History of the destination

This was also built by King Parakramabahu the great who made Sri Lanka a self-sufficient country. He might have looked through a window from this huge building and satisfied himself by looking at the amazing things he made, one of such as the Parakramabahu Samudra. There is a plaque here which states that it had 1000 chambers and the purpose of it is to show that both god and King are equal. There is also evidence that makes it believe that this might have been destroyed by a fire.

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