Thudugala Falls

Thudugala Falls

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Thudugala Falls

Thudugala Falls is a natural beauty in Kalutara District not too far away from Kalutara city. This fall is the closest waterfall to the sea and Kalu River and ranked in the 262 out of 382 waterfalls based on height. This beauty stands 14m tall in Thudugala estate of Thudugala Village.   One could easily access the waterfalls from Colombo and Bentota areas.

About the destination

Thudugala estate was once owned by a British national and on your way to see this beauty, you will also get to see the remaining of this bungalow that will give you a mysterious feel. There is a safe place to bath, as there is a natural swimming pool below the waterfall. Thudugala falls is situated inside Thudugala forest reserve, which is home for many species of birds as well as to a giant fern that covers the forest area for one hectare.  The waterfalls cascade in two segments and the upper part consists of 8m and the lower part being 6m.  A fascinating fact about this waterfall is, there is a tunnel running under the waterfall that comes out at the top of the waterfall, on one side.

As this waterfall is situated close to one of the  busiest cities in Sri Lanka, it offers a  scenic view to its visitors and provides a perfect spot for those who are looking for a get away from the fast and busy life. The Waterfalls has two entrances, one from the bottom and one from the top adjacent to a restaurant. It is strongly recommended to use the entrance towards the bottom of the waterfalls and the base pool near the restaurant is somewhat muddy and crowded with many local and foreign tourists.

There is a direct road leading towards the lower entrance of the waterfall. However, one could only access half-way by a vehicle (nothing more than a car or van) and the rest of the journey should be continued through a footpath. The footpath is laid through a rubber estate, and an abandoned guest house, a walk through this path would give a person of being lost in the wilderness. However, often people get directions to enter from the higher entrance, which gives access to the base pool by the restaurant. In such situations, it’s advised to get the correct direction from the locals and have a small but adventurous hike uphill towards the upper entrance of the falls. It’s best that if you could go during a weekday as this place gets crowded during the holidays and weekends, also as it would attract the drunken crowd.

Reaching the destination

From Kalutara

Kalutara ➡ (Galle Rd) ➡ Katukurunda ➡ Nagoda ➡ (Kalutara – Matugama Rd) ➡Thudugala Junction ➡ (Thudugala Rd) ➡ Thudugala Falls (14.7 Km) [ Google Maps Directions ]

From Colombo

Colombo ➡ Kottawa ➡ Entry to the Highway (Makumbura) ➡ Dodangoda Exit ➡(Matugama – Kalutara road) ➡ (Javigoda Rd) ➡ (Thudugala Rd) ➡ Thudugala Falls (62 Km) [  Google Maps Directions ]

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