Ariyapala Masks Museum

Ariyapala Masks Museum

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Ariyapala Masks Museum

Ariyapala Masks Museum is situated in Ambalangoda in Sri Lanka. This is now a dying tradition in Sri Lanka. In the past mask making was a famous tradition and the Ambalangoda area was at the foremost because there were very talented artisans.

About the destination

Ariyapala Masks Museum is situated in the Eastern Province in Sri Lanka. The museum has displays of masks and also tools that were used to make masks. Two entire collections that contain 120 masks which belongs to the Sanni Yakuma ritual and the Kolam Dance are displayed in this place. The library also has records of the process of mask making.

The process of mask making

There is a long process for mask making. First a Kaduru Tree is selected and its trunk is dried to get the sap out of it. The shapes of these masks are made using tools like the chisels, mallet and various other types of tools. The wood is then smoked to prevent damage done by insects and they are painted in colors for durabilitiy.

Reaching the destination

From Colombo

Go on McCallum Road and turn right onto Kynsey Road. Go for 450 meters then turn right onto Athurugiriya Road. Turn right onto Southern Expressway and take the exit from the Dodangoda interchange. Turn right onto Cross Road and then turn right onto Main street to reach your destination.

From Ambalangoda

Go on Ambalangoda – Batapola Road and then turn onto Maha Vihara Road. After 90 meters turn right onto Colombo Road and turn left onto Main street to reach your destination.