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Peessa Ella

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About Peessa Ella:

Peessa Ella, located in Badulla is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka. The waterfall is formed by Kubukkan Oya, flows from the peak of the Lunugala Mountain and mixes with Modolsima. Peessa Ella never gets dried for droughts; regardless it is the rainy season or dry reason, water continues to flow throughout the year, from a height of 45 meters. During the rainy season, the waterfall gets very heavy so it divides into two streams and it becomes the most magnificent view.
The name of this waterfall sounds little different and one might wonder what it refers. This waterfall, although not much popular, has historical importance. ‘Peessa’, in Sinhala, refers to a place where people assemble. According to historical stories, King Dutugamuna has used this location as an assembling ground for workmen to discuss and give instructions on constructing temples, so as the nearby waterfall has got its name. It is still noted the surrounding large area is occupied as agricultural colony cultivated for all seasons throughout the year.

How to reach the Destination:

Peessa Ella is located about 40 km east of Badulla, between the Passara and Lunugala area on A5 road. The nearest town is Passara.
You could take the Passara – Bibile road and turn right at the 22nd mile post. Travel for 6 km along the road running south. The fall is situated at the Peessa Agri-Colony. Transport can be arranged from Badalkumbura via Wallas Falls to Peessa village or from Hoptain Estate along the Kalugahatene road to Peessa village.
Alternatively, you may travel from Badulla to Passara, continuing to Lunugala and on to the Hoptain Estate. Turn right at the top here and 8 km along the road to Peessa, the fall can be found.
Hikers would be interested in taking another route that is along the path to the right of Peessa Canal road, which runs adjacent to the Peessa Canal Network. You can have the amazing experience of walking 1.5 km through savannah grass undergrowth accompanied by the noises of the animals living there.


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