Samadhi Buddha Statue Rambadagalla

Samadhi Buddha Statue Rambadagalla

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The tradition of carving out the Buddha statues from stones was commonly seen in the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa era.

The replica of Bamiyan Buddha is being sculpted in the Kurunegala hillside is itself as an aftermath of the Taleban’s act to destroy the Buddha statues in Afganistan, which were built for Barmian sculpture style. This outrageous act which left the world in awe agitated village youth.

They met their priest demanding that some action is taken. Ven. Egodomulla Amaramoli Thera gave them a patient hearing and resolved to harness the feelings of the youth. The next day, he called a meeting at which he suggested the building of a replica of the Bamiyan Buddha in the village itself to show the world a positive response to a tragic act. The village youth collected the initial investment, and then they received the support from the Indian government.

The new Samadhi Buddha Prathima is being sculptured at a tranquil place which would bring the visitors a piece of mind as well. As this temple situated in the middle of the cold area, the cold winds from the nearby tanks and shade from the trees will bring peace to the mind of an individual who had been living in the busy urban setting.