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Yakdessagala is situated in Kurunegala. This is a rock where a Princess named Kuweni cursed her husband for leaving her. The meaning of Yakdessagala is “Yaka-des, gala” meaning “The stone where the devil(Yaka) cursed”,

History of the Location

A princess named Kuweni left the palace weeping and lamenting casting a hateful curse on her husband Vijaya because he was getting down a wife from India to fulfill the requirements to ascend the throne. She proceeded to Kurunegala, to a rock overlooking the lake and in desperation and with a broken heart jumped down from the rock which is up to date called Yakdessagala (Yaka-des, Negu, gala).

The origin of Yakdessagala refers to the legend of Vijaya’s castaway queen Kuweni, who is represented in a rock as a woman with her head fumed back before she finally threw herself down the precipitous rock with curses on Vijaya and his clan. The effect of her curse resulted in Vijaya’s successor King Panduwasdeva suffering from a severe skin disease and Vijaya had no children from his second marriage.

About the location

Yakdessagala is close to 540m in height and is one of the highest peaks around Wayamba. It is located at the center of the 20km mountain range which lies along Kurunegala Wariyapola road that is curvy like a snake.

The base of the mountain is found close to the 7km post of Gonagama road.

The path starts at a small rock pond with lilies and from here onwards it’s an uphill journey through a classical dry zone forest. There are arrows that direct downwards (helping the returning traveler) printed in red and the next arrow usually is seen far away at a higher level. One needs to keep their eyes wide open or you will lose the correct path.

How to get there

From Colombo

Go on McCallum Road and enter the Colombo-Katunayake Expressway from Colombo. Take the exit toward the outer circular expressway and turn right onto Colombo-Kandy road to continue for 41.1 km.

Turn left at Warakapola taxi onto Ambepussa – Kurunegala – Trincomalee Highway and turn right onto Kurunegala-Narammala-Madampe Road. Turn left onto Tittawella-Gonagama Road to reach your destination.

From Kurunegala

Go on Ambepussa – Kurunegala – Trincomalee Highway and continue onto Kudagalgamuwa – Kurunegala Road. Turn right at Kudagalgamuwa Dispensary onto Tittawella-Gonagama Road to reach your destination.

You have to head northeast on Ambepussa – Kurunegala – Trincomalee Highway. Then turn left at Sri Saranath Maha Viharaya and continue onto Kudagalgamuwa – Kurunegala Road. Then turn right at Kudagalgamuwa Dispensary onto Tittawella-Gonagama Road to reach your destination.

Special notes

  • It’s better if you can carry water at least 1 liter per person and some food products.
  • Start as early as possible because the rock will heat up with the scorching sun staring at it.
  • Do not carry plastic items (Minimize) to protect the location from pollution, make sure you bring back everything you took.
  • Beware of wild boars and insects like wasps.
  • The path is marked with arrows and crosses right up to the summit but you should be watchful, if you miss an arrow then it might be troublesome
  • Inform a few locals in case of an emergency.

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