Huluganga Falls

Huluganga Falls

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Huluganga Falls is one of the many waterfalls created by the stream originating from the Knuckles mountain range. The cascading water provides water to the villages of Elliyadda and Aratthana, before flowing to the Victoria Reservoir. It is popular with both local and foreign visitors and villagers regard it as part of their heritage.

About the location:-

Huluganga Falls is 75m in height. The waterfall can be seen during every season. To the right-hand side of the waterfall, a staircase has been built to climb down to view the waterfall, but the staircase has blocked the entrance to the waterfall from other directions. So it offers only a few camera angles.

A dam had been built across the top of the fall under the Kundasale Water Supply Scheme, a project sponsored by Kundasale PC and the Sri Lanka Board of Investment (BOI) to supply water to the Kundasale Electorate. However, environmentalists have pointed out that there is not enough space between the dam and the fall, causing a decrease in the flow of water.

This waterfall became a well-known sight some years ago as this fall was a primary location for the popular teledrama “Ella Langa Walauwa” ( Mansion by the Fall).

Location of the destination:-

The fall is situated below the town of the Hulu River, near Panwila.

How to reach the destination:-

There two ways to reach Huluganga Falls. Theldeniya – Rangala road and the other one is Wattegama to Bambarella. The easiest way is to use Wattegama road as you can easily use public transport from Kandy.
If you are traveling from Colombo go to Peradeniya then to Madawala then get to Bambarella Rd, Huluganga.
The travel time from Colombo is 4.5 hrs.

Special points:-

You can take part in activities like photography, nature trails, and waterfall hunting.
But, you need to buy a ticket (30/= Rupees) to access the staircase and viewpoint. However, it restricts people from bathing and washing clothes near the waterfall.

This is a beautiful and exquisite waterfall that should be on your to-visit list.



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